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Post Implementation Audit 

One of our most important services I feel is is our Post Implementation Audit. Many companies have Baan or MK installed but are not sure if they are getting all the benefits that are possible or if their users are using the system to it's potential. We can come in for two or three days, look at your system, look at your to be model, talk with your people and give you these answers. 
Our hope is to find your personnel using the system to it's potential for a strong return on your investment in Baan or MK system. Frequently however we find areas within the company that are using the system successfully and other areas that are lagging behind or possibly not using the system at all. This is the information we leave you with. 

Along with this information we will leave suggestions for additional training if/where required or possibly a suggestion for a re-evaluation of a business process as it is mapped to either of these software products. 

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